About MP creations

First of all we think of, because with no idea even bigger budget would produce an empty communication.

Then we design: to achieve the desired effect nothing is ever left to chance, every single aspect is carefully planned and controlled.

Finally we carry out using specialized professionals, technical skills and experience.
Who we are

It is great events and communication.
It is a combination of professionalism, organization and emotions.
It is a group of experts brought together by a hunger for results and delighted to dazzle.
It is a network of professionals and high profile companies.
It is  two awards BEA Italy in 2014 and a nomination EuBEA 2014.
It is, since 2008, Massimo Pasquali and its enterprises.

We think, plan, realize.
We take care of installations and set designs. Audio technology and lighting technology. Video, graphics animation, 3D animations, effective and emotional slides. Guaranteed and  professional services hostesses and models. Security. Highest quality Catering. Multimedia platforms through synergies between media and web able to penetrate markets. Brand promotion and press office to give greater prominence to the project.
Every business is different. Why the team that realizes it should always be the same?

MP Creations select each time the ideal team to tackle the event. As tailors, we choose people who have the best cloth and we sew tailor-made events for our client.

The result is the highest expression of each expertise, control of costs and production time.

Other works:
We work with the most popular brands in the world.
In our office there is a small arcade room and, sometimes, to relax a little, we have fun challenge us. If you would like to contact us, you should know that those are the only tenders that we play.
+39 06 97607995
Via di Santa Cornelia 5A - 00060 Formello (Rome - ITALY)
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